Holy Guacamole: Avocado Is Good For You!

8 Apr

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Gal Pal Power

1 Mar

Manic:  Feeling tired, worried and overwhelmed with a sick kid!

Managed:  Reaching out to gal pals for help! 

Gal pal power is amazing, that is all I can say!  Well, I guess I’ll say more since this is a blog after all.  And yes, I must admit, I’m long-winded.   So, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

My little sick girl has been battling a tough case of Bronchitis this week.  The coughing spells are brutal and painful.  They leave her limp and tired like a wet rag.  And as a mama, my face must stay calm.  That is not easy when I see tears roll down her face with each painful cough.  It makes me cringe with worry.  But she can’t see that.

So when the coughing was done and she was still again, I would look at my phone and be greeted by numerous emails and text messages from gal pals asking how they could help.  And they did.  Some took my son to school and practice when my husband couldn’t do it.  Others brought homework home and many sent encouraging messages with very effective pep talks that kept me going and kept me calm for my daughter.

So to all of you amazing pals out there, I say thank you!  Gal pal power is a true gift that fills the heart and soul.  And we mamas have got to stick together and help each other out.  I do believe it takes a village and I am truly blessed to be surrounded by beautiful friends who fill me with every email, every text, every visit and every smile. 

Looking forward to my daughter’s full recovery….and a good glass of Vino with my amazing and gorgeous gal pals! 

Thank you sisters! 🙂

A Tough Mom Call

28 Feb

Manic:  Soon before show-time my daughter told me that her throat hurt.  Hmm, is this post nasal-drip from allergies or an illness?  With no fever, I went with allergies.  And I was wrong, but I didn’t know that until later.

Managed:  She did great at the show, looked good and seemed to feel great!  I thought I made the right call and felt like a good mom.

Manic:  Two hours after her performance we sat in urgent care with her shivering in my arms.  She had a 103 degree fever.  What had I done letting her perform when she told me that her throat hurt earlier?!  Now I felt like a bad mom.

If you are a manic managed mom with kids in activities, I’m guessing that this has happened to you.  Although most moms have no formal training in nursing, we have t0 make tough calls when our kids start to feel bad right before a big and very anticipated event. 

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Weekly Pet Pic: My Lazy, but Cute, Watchcat

27 Feb

If an intruder came in, Tucker would simply roll over and go to sleep, but at least it looks like he is keeping a watch for us.  This is my weekly pet pic.  I hope it made you smile because every time I look upstairs and see his cat head poking out through the opening, I have to laugh!

Click on photo to see close up of his cute cat face!

Healthy On-the-Run Food Options

25 Feb

With afternoon activities like practice, tutoring and other commitments that fill a family’s schedule, how do you feed your kids healthy fare on the run?  I’m not a nutritionist, but I am a manic managed mom who did a little research to see what my family can eat on the run that beats burgers and fries when it comes to nutrition.  So, watch my 3TV segment to see a few restaurants and menu items that we have found to be tasty, nutritious and fast!

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Healthy Fast Food Options , posted with VodPod
(If video doesn’t work, click on this link below to see segment:)

Customer Service Standout — Grease Monkey is Great!

23 Feb

      Manic:  I rushed out of Grease Monkey, accidentally leaving my lap top behind to get my kids to the next stop on time!

Managed:  Lucky for me, awesome Grease Monkey employees Kyle and Jess called me ASAP, so I could retrieve my expensive lap top.  Boy, was I grateful!  And when I arrived to pick it up, they had another outstanding customer service surprise for me!

Store manager Jess remembered that I had been in for an oil change several months earlier.  As he handed me my beloved lap top, he told me that he remembered that the last time I was in, I was disappointed that they didn’t stock water in their free beverage fridge.  He told me to take a look in the fridge.  So, I did and there was water now!

I must say that I was very impressed that he remembered me, my last visit and my request.  And then to follow-up on my water wish and show me the next time I came in….well, that is impressive!

And I must mention that the Grease Monkey team did a great job on my car, too! 

So, the next time you need an oil change, I recommend the great Grease Monkey shop.  Jess manages the location on Desert Foothills Parkway and Chandler Blvd. 

Thanks Grease Monkey for not monkeying around with good customer service….I just had to use that pun!  Forgive me readers!

Manic Mondays, Broken Bones & Paying It Forward

22 Feb

Managed:  Going with a Mom friend to take the kids to an indoor playground on what is usually a Manic Monday, but instead was a day off of school for President’s Day.

     Manic:  Discovering that your friend’s first-born daughter just broke her leg on a trampoline at a local place that is 15 minutes away.

Managed:  Watching that friend spring into action calm, cool and collected.  And paying it forward by offering to take her younger child, while her Mom is whisked away into another world full of cat scans, doctors and crutches. 

Yes, yesterday was a manic Monday and the quick turn of events reminds me how Moms stay calm, help each other out…and how it was my turn to pay it forward. 

As soon as my friend’s phone rang, she knew something was wrong.  She didn’t have to tell me that either.  Moms just know and I knew by her expression.  I also knew that the news wasn’t good. 

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Cheat Carne Asada!

20 Feb

      Manic:  You crave carne asada for dinner tonight, but don’t have time to season and marinate the meat.

Managed:  Cheat and get the carne asada meat from Trader Joe’s!  Here is what I do to make this dish (with help from Trader Joe’s) fast and tasty.

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Weekly Pet Pic: Two Cute

18 Feb

I post a crazy or cute cat picture every weekend because my two funny felines give me good material.  Hard to believe that another week has gone by!  I call this week’s pet pic simply, “two cute” and they are cute, I must say!  They remind me to r-e-l-a-x! 

Have a relaxing weekend everyone!

My 3TV Dry Skin Solutions Part 2

18 Feb

As promised, here is Part 2 of my Channel 3 segment that shows dry skin solutions.  ‘”Your Life A to Z’ posted it on the show’s Facebook page.  Click the link below to see it.  Check it out and stay moisturized!


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